Upcoming Saluki Litters at Aeolus

Aeolus Salukis are family members. 
They live in the home with their people. The puppies are raised in our home. Time spent with baby puppies is essential. We sleep alongside the whelping pen for several weeks. We only breed when I have the time to immerse myself in the type of care we believe is crucial to the development of sound social skills and temperament. All puppies are raised equally. This means that the extensive socialization is given to ALL puppies regardless of potential for performance or show. 

The more time you spend in the first year of your pup’s life teaching and training him how to be a good dog, the more fun you will have when he is an adult. 
We like to see pups who are active with their owners regardless of intent to show or compete. We require puppy kindergarten classes that last at least 6 weeks and begin before the puppy turns 4 months old. We also provide a scavenger hunt in the puppy packet which a fun way to continue socialization. Taking your puppy to 3 new places and meet 3 new people each week is a great rule of thumb!

Aeolus Salukis are given the best start at life possible.  
Aeolus puppies have been on car rides, play with puppy safe adult dogs of various breeds, have free-play to run in the grass, play small learning games, are cuddled and held, and they have spent time alone in a crate and with littermates. All of them react instantly to the various noises we use to call them for different things. We also desensitize them to various sounds such as fireworks, airplanes, trains, dog barking, sirens, baby cries, etc,

We believe a good breeder is available to answer questions.
It is important to be available to help those new to the breed and to direct new owners towards resources that will assist them towards having a healthy, happy companion. Facebook is often the best way to reach me, although the phone is a great tool as well!

If at any time, for any reason, a dog produced by us cannot stay with its original family, it must be returned to us! 

Before Contacting Us for a Puppy, Please Read Below:
- We consider a fenced yard to be a basic requirement to own one of our Salukis 
- When contacting us, please describe your family, your daily life, your home and yard and experience with dogs/Salukis
- All puppies are sold on contracts as companions and MUST live in the house as part of your family - we do not sell show puppies!
- Salukis must be spayed / neutered between 18 months and 2 years of age (not before)
- We do not ship puppies - you must be able to come to Southeastern Wisconsin to pick the puppy up
- Our puppies cost $2,000 
- Puppies go to their new homes at 10 weeks

We are Proud that Our Puppies will go home with:
- AKC Registration Papers - we will register the puppy with the AKC using a mutually agreed upon name within a few weeks of placement
- Pedigree - a 5 generation pedigree
- Pictures & Health Testing - Photos of the parents and copies of their health testing results
- Microchip - all of the puppies are microchipped and we remain as secondary contact on the microchip
- Vaccinations - all of the puppies will have received two vaccinations
- Wormed - all of the puppies will have been wormed multiple times
- Health Records - copies of veterinarian examinations and any testing that may have been done (BAER testing)
- Puppy Martingale Walking Leash - we supply puppy walking leads for every puppy
- Food & Treats - each puppy is supplied with a bag of American Natural Premium dog food
- Fleece Blanket - the blankets will help ease the transition to the new home as they will smell like their littermates and mother
- Literature - we provide lots of literature on crate training, house breaking, digging, cutting nails, lure coursing, and important websites
- Toys - a few toys that will remind them of their first home - this will also help with the transition to their new home!
Nothing available at this time!
Keep watching this page for 2023 announcements!